500 Words #16 –
Keep On Keepin’ On

3 thoughts on “500 Words #16 –
Keep On Keepin’ On

  1. Mark J Panick

    Its difficult tempering your natural reactive self when getting the verbal equivalent of a sharp shit covered stick thrust into your eye. But as you know the minute you wade into the tide pools of stagnant wet we call social media or just the vanilla day to day news media it is going to happen. Some blatant manipulative lie will be thrust upon you with a vague suggestion of ..maybe truth isn’t important. Its infuriating and deeply unsettling, we’re all used to manipulators but I don’t think many of us are used to witnessing this St Vitus dance of obsequious toadying. I enjoyed reading todays essay, I read it in your voice in my head.

  2. alan lake

    very much agree with and appreciate your insights (he says in monotone baritone)

  3. Theresa Lake

    Yes! appreciate the good things in life and I don’t mean the most expensive but the things that bring you joy.

    AND bonus I believe it gives you energy to keep fighting the evil.


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