Food is a path to culture and identity. A connection to deep personal histories that express politics or class or religion, not just sustenance. A way to say who you are and where you came from. Add to this the life story of the person cooking and you have Home Cookin’— The Stories Behind The Food.

My unique perspective comes from 40+ years as a professional chef traveling the world searching for the finest foods and ingredients, collecting the most interesting recipes to inspire my craft and satiate my belly.

Along the way I came to the realization that many of my favorite meals have been eaten and shared in homes, not restaurants.

Tired of the hottest chef/hippest restaurant syndrome, Home Cookin’ pays homage to the thing that got me interested in cooking in the 1st place— a meal at a neighbor’s home. Food served from the heart resonates on many levels besides delicious, and because food involves all the senses and context reinforces memories, these narratives evoke powerful sentiments.

More conversations than interviews, Home Cookin’ uses the art of listening as the key to achieving its balance. You may prompt, but do not get in the way. If you’re listening they’ll talk. As memories unfold, interviewees inevitably drop their guard and candor commences. Done in this way the storytelling narrative flows with experiences, passions and perspectives of each featured subject. Home Cookin’ tells the stories behind the food while finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.