Alan Lake on Damen


As a professional musician, Alan has played with or recorded for many artists and plays locally in Chicago when not traveling.

Information on featured collaborations:

Casa de Soul – more on facebook
Juan Cabral guitar/vocals, Alan Lake drums/percussion, Nino Arobelidze vocals/percussion/keys, Pete Le Vine piano (featured guest artist), Elizabeth Diaz flute (guest artist)

12 Sol Negro

If You Want Me To Stay

Simple Truth – Songs From The Underground
Pete Le Vine piano, Adrian Re horns, Randy Ward bass, Tom Lippencott guitar, Alan Lake drums/percussion

Cross My Heart

Jazzfood Ensemble
Dan Dufford piano, Daniel Thatcher bass, Deborah Kelly vocals, Alan Lake drums/percussion

God Bless the Child

Schizowave – Love
Lena Potapova piano/vocals. Mark Piane bass, Josef Levitis guitars, Alan Lake drums/percussion

Here’s Alan performing David Bowie/Iggy Pop’s China Girl
with Ian McDonald of King Crimson and Schizowave:

I Miss You

Dutty Three

The Rule
Jeff Levine guitar/slide guitars, Andy Hadel bass, Alan Lake drums/percussion

Jose Maria – Podes despir o casaco
Jose Maria, Pete Le Vine and Alan Lake snare drum/percussion


Gayle Cloud – Daydream
Gayle Cloud, Pete Le Vine piano, Mik Groninger bass, Jody Marlow saxophone and Alan Lake drums/percussion

Rainbow Samba

White Wedding

Landr-FM 8 Idea

Slow and Tight


Loiter Groove