About Alan Lake

Born and raised by first generation Russian/Jewish/Americans in the multicultural Chicago of the mid ’50s. That prepared me for what was to come very naturally as a result. Early ethnic influences, my first lessons in culture, food, music, civics etc… I’ve always truly felt that I’m a citizen of the world. I was a sponge and loved it all. Also, an immigrant work ethic with old country morals and principles. I naturally rebelled against these, but have since returned to, and find great comfort in them. Part of my evolution was to embrace karma.

That said, I was never really encouraged to do anything, but on the other hand, I was never discouraged either. I think that has a lot to do with why I don’t mind trying new things that interest me, to see if I can learn to do them well.

The attainment of knowledge was big in my house. When you’re being raped and pillaged by Bolsheviks, you learn that land and possessions can be taken from you, but what’s in your head, is yours forever.