Author: alanlake

500 words #15 –
You Never Lose
When You Invest
In Yourself

On another note, the subject of what I believe will be among the most remarkable profiles I’ve written resurfaced and we’ve made arrangements to cook together next week so we can document his recipes.

This works twofold as it offers a relaxed environment for filling in the blanks of our initial interview. There’s always follow up questions and being in the same room cooking with guard down is often better than emailed responses to questions asked.

500 Words #13
Nothing Ventured
Nothing Gained

Sharing thoughts in a blog or anywhere in public for that matter is a double edged sword. While spouting your impressions and feelings you run the risk of sounding vain or being misunderstood. Try as you might to be succinct in getting your point across with something you feel is obvious and without need of further explanation- that’s not
always the case for the reader and learned that first hand last week.