500 words #11

Solar Eclipse Totality

6 thoughts on “500 words #11

  1. Brockie Hall

    Incredible, insane story.! It’s so difficult to comprehend. This young man is so brave. I pray we can get his family united with him.
    Thanks for sharing this incredible story.

    1. alan lake

      this is just a teaser for the the blog. when i write the full profile i can only hope to do him justice and that he and his family are reunited.

  2. Joanne

    I have the pleasure of knowing Hacen, who is one of the warmest, most gentle people I know. I, too, will help Hacen in any way I can!

  3. Curtis Cohn

    I cannot wait to meet the man, A. What a sad history, a terrible living environment and yet a story of hope, strength and commitment, things every human needs. Thank you for posting this. O

    1. Joanne

      Hi Curtis, If you want to meet him and see how we have been helping him at Literacy Chicago, please let me know!
      write to me at [email protected]

  4. Melissa G Wilson

    What a wonderful story. I now see why were teared up sharing an overview in our authors’ support group. Thanks so much!


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