Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die

By Mike Sula on Tue, Feb 10, 2009 for Chicago Reader‘s blog

trufsanIn this paranoid, panicky time of economic collapse, every time I taste something delicious and extravagant I wonder if it’ll be my last bite. That’s why it pays to have generous pals who would rather share than hoard. Chef Alan Lake, who blogs over on Drive-Thru and makes his living skipping the globe opening restaurants, was recently gifted with a golf-ball-size Perigord truffle. It had been infusing a container of basmati rice it was shipped in for about a month until Saturday, when he decided it was time to put this lovely orb to use in a version of multi-Michelin star chef Michel Rostang’s truffle sandwich.

Alan secured a ciabbatta from Red Hen (they denied him the proper pain au levain, claiming they needed it for their own sandwiches). He sliced, and smeared it with French butter, layered it with the truffle slices, and swaddled it in plastic wrap for 24 hours so the aroma permeated the bread and butter. Next day, as a small group hovered around him, he pressed and griddled the sandwich and sliced it.

Not letting a single bit go to waste, he’d also whisked a vinaigrette with some truffle shavings for salad and grilled some vegetables to saute with the truffly rice. The aroma rising from these pretty plates was enough to silence the room (pics attached).

Thanks Alan, for what may be one of our last utterly hedonistic meals before the world descends into grass eating and cannibalism.